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UPDATE ON THE NORTHWEST! JUNE 2013 Dear women...we've been experiencing a few set-backs up here in the Northwest, but fret not, we will be back with regular monthly meetings as soon as possible! We are now back online, so if you want to get in touch before the meetings start again (or after that, even!) do email us on and we'll reply. We can also keep you informed of any social events happening in the region, or other LGBT groups that may be of interest to you. As soon as we have a start-up date for the monthly meetings we'll post it on this page, so do please come back and check. Take it easy, women :-)

When meetings restart, the dates for the rest of 2013 are: 1st August, 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December.

First Out meetings in October will happen at Outhouse and North Leitrim Women's Centre at 7.30 on Thursday 4th. The meetings are open to all women questioning same sex feelings or attractions or coming out. The women attending the support groups are at many different stages in their lives. Some are married, some have children, some have only ever been in relationships with men, some have been dating women for years but have not been able to come out to friends and loved ones. Wherever you are in your journey please come along and join us!

If you are looking for ways to meet people in the LGBTQ womens community in Dublin Running Amach is the first place you should look: There are a range of events to suit every taste and many events have a meet and greet for new participants.


The facilitators of First Out are committed to running the monthly meetings in a non-directive manner. The facilitators of First Out are not operating in the capacity of qualified counsellors. The facilitators will not try to counsel or direct the actions of any woman attending a First Out meeting. We can only offer support and impartial information. First Out accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of attending any of the meetings.

"Coming to the first out meeting was really good for me, the first time I went I mostly just listened but even that helped me to feel less alone. I hadn't been able to talk about being attracted to women with anyone, so it was great to feel like I could"

~ Zfifa




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